Lectures, Demonstrations

International Sportsman’s Expo, January 21st-24th, 2016 – Sacramento, CA
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Lectures and Demonstrations –

  • Fly Fishing the Upper Water Column for Large and Small Mouth Bass
  • Fly Fishing the Mexican Bass Lakes

California Fly Fishing Unlimited, April 5th, 2016 – Sacramento, CA
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Lectures and Demonstrations –

  • Fly Fishing the Upper Water Column for Large and Small Mouth Bass


Fly Fishing the Upper Water Column For Large and Smallmouth Bass

Trent’s 50 minute PowerPoint Presentation evolved from three feature articles on flyrod bass fishing that he wrote for California Fly Fisher Magazine.  His program focuses on the upper water column where bass are reachable with a flyrod.  He will discuss the biology and behavior patterns that bring bass into shallow areas, bass food items and the types of habitat and structure that produce inshore and topwater action. Effective fly patterns, retrieves and tactics are covered. Equally important is discussion of the revolution in flyrod bass fishing tackle that includes specialty rods, lines and innovative new flies, and how to select a flyrod outfit that will allow you to cast them effortlessly. California and western waters are mentioned including some that you might not know about. These include the spectacular Northern largemouth fishery at Oregon’s Davis Lake,  smallmouth on the Umpqua River as well as chasing huge Florida strain fish at Mexico’s El Salto and Picachos lakes. A bonus section looks briefly at “Bugging for Browns in Chilean Patagonia”, where brown trout behave like bass and eat Fat Albert terrestrials as well as dragonfly patterns and bass bugs in Andean mountain lakes.

Fly Fishing the Mexican Bass Lakes

Mexican Bass Lakes, particularly ones created by damming rivers found on the western slopes of Mexico’s mainland are considered the best trophy bass lakes in the world. These lakes were not well known to fly fishermen. About seven years ago anglers started bringing flyrods and boxes of bass bugs.  It was a pioneering endeavor since resorts, operators and guides knew little about flyrod fishing for bass.  Anglers make the trek south because of prodigal numbers of large, healthy, hungry Florida strain largemouth bass that feed on threadfin shad, tilapia and langostina in the most amazing bass habitat and structure that you have seen.

In addition to superlative topwater angling where largemouth bass, lobina negra, “blowup” on poppers and baitfish patterns, visiting anglers enjoy “The Mexican Experience” in scenic settings in the foothills of the fabled Sierra Madre mountain range. Accommodations range from “fishcamps” to quality resorts. Authentic, regional Mexican cuisine, service and amenities add to an angler’s enjoyment and comfort. Exotic birds, iguanas and other forms of abundant wildlife are seen by fishermen working the shoreline and offer unending photographic opportunities. A bonus is the unique experience of throwing topwater bugs in partially submerged villages and cemeteries where fish cover could be the walls of a submerged barn, casa, or shade behind crypts and tombstones in flooded cemeteries.

Trent will discuss fish biology and the unique habitat, cover and forage that produce these fisheries and the best time to book a trip. Equipment needs will be covered as well as some thoughts on international angling travel.

Trent Robert Pridemore

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