Gearing Up for the ISE Show

More welcome rain drove me off the Yuba today, but time was well spent working on my presentations to be given Jan 21, 22 and 23 at the Sacramento Interrnational Sportsman’s Show.  Thursday’s presentation at 4:30 is “Fly Fishing The Mexican Bass Lakes”, followed by “Fly fishing the Upper Water Column for Large and Smallmouth Bass” at 2:30 on Friday and Saturday in the Fly Fishing Theater at Cal Expo.

I’ve been hooked on visiting the Mexican lakes since a first visit seven years ago.  I was fascinated by bass lures as a child and hand carved them out of wood scraps.  My mother often said that it helped develope my manual dexterity. As an adult I learned fly tying from Andy Puyans, Carrol Kennedy and Rus Kreuger,  and gravitated towards bass bugs and poppers.  When I was President of Livermore Fly Fishermen, I was asked by a reporter from The Contra Costa Times why there were so many dentists in the fly fishing club.  I had just read a study at UCSF that showed that most dentists had hobbies that involved the use of their hands, whether fly fishing, wood working, piano or playing the guitar…as did many of my colleagues.  Several damaged hands and fingers with table saws.  Fly tying is safer.

In December I had to cancel another trip to Mexico because of a family emergency, but friends continued and helped with photos.  Can’t wait to get back.  In my presentation I talk about the “Mexican Experience” as well as the special environment that we fish in.  Also, about the great food and learning fly fishing terms in Spanish. We fish several lakes out of Mazatlan and never have had concerns for our security. The staff and guides at the fishing camps are friendly and egar to learn about flyfishing which is new to them.  The fishing industry increased their incomes and the small villages there are among the cleanist that we have seen in Mexico.

Gearing up for the ISE Show has got my motor running.  Drop by and say hello.



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