ISE Payoff

Three days of lecturing at the ISE Show in January were rewarding in many ways.  I picked up a speaking engagement at Davis Fly Fishers for February 23rd.  I spoke there three years ago.  My new program: “Fly Fishing The Mexican Bass Lakes” will fit their needs perfectly as it is “Destination Night”.  Check out a synopsis on the website.  I get excited just reviewing the colorful photos shot in the Sierra Madre foothills.  Am thinking of another trip at the end of the year.  We will be fishing the beaches of Baja above Cabo in May.  In April I travel to California Fly Fishing Unlimited in Sacramento and Chico Fly Fishers to present “Fly Fishing The Upper Water Column for Large and Smallmouth Bass.  More fun and hospitable people.  Packing for the Colorado River…another adventure at Picacho State Recreation area with scorpions, rattlers and new bird species.  None of those guys in Mexico in January.

Pleasanton Fly Flyfishing Show is coming at the end of February.  Will travel to visit old friends and to catch Skip Morris’s Bass Program.  He has a beautiful book out on bass flies that’s in my library.